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New York Flooring and Interiors has been providing hardwood floor refinishing in New York and surrounding areas for 20 years. We are known for the incredible customer service we provide for your hardwood refinishing project.

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Selecting your species of wood is the most important part. We will patiently assist you and offer our expertise to make sure you are confident in your selection. When installing hardwood, pre-finished, laminate, or raw hardwood, the subfloor is critically important. It should be dry and smooth to create the optimal environment for your floor.

Hardwood Floor


These dust containment systems use powerful suction that sucks the dust from sanding right into a sealed tube and disposes it outside of your home in our dust containment bin. These professional systems never even give dust the opportunity to pollute the air in your home. Its strong vacuum leaves your floors dust free for the best results when staining and sealing. This sanding process is super convenient, plus it’s environmentally friendly too because no chemicals are needed for stripping the old finish.

Hardwood Floor


Scuff Marks, Scratches and Dents Can All Be Addressed with Refinishing

It is common for hardwood floors to sustain scuff marks and become worn over time. In addition, high heels and a pet’s untrimmed nails can wreak havoc on these floors. The UV rays of the sun can cause a

reas of a hardwood floor to appear faded or discolored. While these issues are disheartening, the good news is that The Hardwood Giant Co. can address each of these problems and return your hardwood flooring to its previous glory! We can accomplish this by refinishing your floors. You may choose to restore your hardwood floor to its previous color or change it up with something new.


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Protect your Hardwood Floors from:

Dirt & Grit

Your hardwood floor will no doubt get dirt and grit on it carried in from outdoors on the bottoms of shoes. It’s unavoidable. These scratch-inducing mini-rocks act like sandpaper when walked on. It is important to keep up on the maintenance of hardwood flooring.


Wipe up any spills on your hardwood floor that you see, immediately. If the liquid contains color or dyes, it could stain your hardwood floor if allowed to soak in. Soak it up and wipe again with a slightly dampened towel to get the remaining residue.


Plain old water is not a friend to your wood floor either. It can dull the finish, cause peeling, cloudiness, and even warping. Never wet-mop a wood floor when performing your regular hardwood floor maintenance. Use a cleaner made for hardwood floors and a soft cleaning pad.



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